Joel Savitz

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I am a Linux kernel engineer at Red Hat. I work on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system.

I am a recent graduate of the University Of Massachusetts Lowell from whom I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences.

You can contact me here and you can view this website’s source code right here.


RPi.GPIO2 [source]


Raising An Axe to the Axioms (Self 2020) [Full text]

MYR: A Web-Based Platform for Teaching Coding Using VR (ACM 2019) [Full text]

Network Rivalry: a Low-Latency Game for the BBC Micro:bit ( 2018)

The Future of intelligence (Self 2017) [Full text]


IoT Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring (DevConf.US 2019) [Video]

Fedora Linux for the Raspberry Pi Platform (DevConf.US 2021) [Video]